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AI Music Generator - SOUNDRAW is an app that uses artificial intelligence to help you create your own music.

It offers different genres like hip hop and R&B, and you can customize your songs to fit your needs. 

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$0 / month Free Plan  Get this deal

The app also provides licenses to use the music for videos and offers a subscription plan for creators and artists. You can try it for free and access the API for businesses.

  • AI Music Generator - SOUNDRAW allows you to create your own music using artificial intelligence.
  • It offers different genres like hip hop, trap, and R&B.
  • You can customize your songs and make them unique to your style.
  • The app provides licenses for using music in videos and offers a subscription plan for creators and artists.
  • There is a free trial available, as well as an API for businesses.
  • The app respects copyright and ownership of the music generated.


Who can benefit from SOUNDRAW?

  • Aspiring musicians and songwriters can use the app to generate personalized music and explore different genres.
  • Content creators on platforms like YouTube can benefit from the app by accessing royalty-free music for their videos, enhancing the overall quality.
  • Filmmakers and video editors can utilize the music licensing feature to find suitable soundtracks for their films or videos.


FAQs and answers

1. How does the AI Music Generator work?

- The AI Music Generator uses algorithms and data sets created by music producers in-house to generate unique and personalized songs.

2. Can I use the music created through the app for commercial purposes?

- Yes, the app offers licenses that allow you to use the music for commercial purposes without worrying about copyright strikes.

3. Can I customize the songs generated by the AI?

- Absolutely! You can customize the songs by making changes to the length, adding or removing sections like the chorus, and more.

4. Is there a free trial available?

- Yes, you can try the AI Music Generator for free and explore its features before deciding to subscribe to a plan.


Pricing of SOUNDRAW

A free plan is available that allows users to generate unlimited songs and bookmark their favorites.

For creators and content producers, the Creator Plan is priced at $16.99 per month, which provides access to background music for various types of content such as videos, podcasts, games, and social media.

The Artist Plan, priced at $29.99 per month, offers additional features such as the ability to add vocals to the beats and distribute the songs to platforms like Spotify and Apple Music while keeping all the royalties.



$0 / month Free Plan  Get this deal