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Jukebox is a program that uses artificial intelligence to create music and singing.

It can generate different types of music in various genres and styles. 

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The creators of Jukebox have made the code and model weights available, and they have also provided a tool to explore the music samples it creates.

They have trained the model using a dataset of over 1.2 million songs, along with lyrics and other information about the music.

While Jukebox can produce impressive music, there are still limitations, such as the inability to generate familiar song structures like choruses. It also takes a long time to generate music samples, so it can't be used interactively yet.

  • Jukebox is an AI program that generates music and singing.
  • It can create music in different genres and artist styles.
  • The code and model weights of Jukebox are available to the public.
  • The program has been trained using a dataset of over 1.2 million songs.
  • Jukebox has the ability to generate impressive music samples, but it has limitations.
  • It takes a long time to generate music samples and can't be used interactively.

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Use cases for Jukebox

  • Music enthusiasts who want to explore and discover new types of music across different genres and styles.
  • Musicians and music producers who are looking for inspiration or want to experiment with different musical ideas.
  • Students studying music composition or production who can learn from the generated samples and use them as references for their own projects.
  • Podcasters or content creators who need background music for their audio or video content and want a wide variety of options.


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Q1: Can Jukebox generate music in specific languages other than English?

A1: Jukebox is currently trained mainly on English songs, but the creators hope to include songs from other languages in the future.

Q2: Can I use Jukebox to create fully complete songs with lyrics?

A2: Jukebox can generate music and rudimentary singing, but it may not generate familiar song structures like choruses. It can be used as a starting point or for inspiration in songwriting.

Q3: How long does it take to generate a music sample with Jukebox?

A3: Generating music samples with Jukebox can be time-consuming. It takes approximately 9 hours to fully render one minute of audio through the models.

Q4: Can Jukebox be used in real-time or interactive applications?

A4: Currently, Jukebox is not suitable for real-time or interactive use due to the time it takes to generate music samples. It is mainly designed for exploration and experimentation purposes.  

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